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Our 2020 scholarship portal is now open. Over 160 scholarship funds are available to students through one application form! 

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The Scholarship Finder allows students to search for local scholarship information in one comprehensive site! We have compiled a list of scholarship opportunities that are offered by local schools, businesses, service clubs, and individuals. Find what scholarships are waiting for you!

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Fred W. & Janice Bruner Iten Memorial Scholarship Fund

Barbara Iten has established this fund to support Ukiah High School students who are interested in pursuing a college degree in any of the following fields: Music, Education, Pre-medicine, Nursing, Radiology and Imaging.

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Justin Scott Keele - Make a Difference Award

The Justin Scott Keele Fund supports student-led, charitable projects in Humboldt County high schools with annual grants of $200 to $2,000. Projects can assist groups or causes, or help relieve the hardships of an individual. Applicants must state which group, cause, or individual they would like to support and why they are deserving of a helping hand, as well as articulating a clear plan and explaining how the funds will be spent. This fund may also be used to support youth in need in our community. Hopefully, the group, cause, or individual receiving support will return the favor by helping another in a meaningful way. In this “pay it forward” approach, the spirit of Justin will perpetuate.

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Wolfgang Anna Bossard Iten Memorial Scholarship 

Barbara Iten established this fund support Etna Union High School students who are interested in pursuing a college degree in any of the following fields: music, education, pre-medicine, nursing, radiology and imaging.

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Young Women in Technology Award

This is an annual award established by Jonathan Speaker, Jason Osburn, and Kiriki Delany of StreamGuys, Inc. They created this award to encourage young women to pursue online training in the field of computer technology. Mohsin and Elizabeth Hiler were inspired by the purpose of the award and made an additional contribution to support an additional five students. High school teachers and staff may nominate current high school (grades 9-12) students for this award. Recipients of this award will be encouraged to use the funding to take additional online courses in technology. Examples of courses include but are not limited to: edXorg, and

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