Scholarship FAQ

Scholarship Finder FAQ

What is the Scholarship Finder?

The Scholarship Finder is a website where students can find and get information about local scholarship opportunities. Scholarships from local businesses, schools, clubs, and other organizations are listed on the Finder throughout the year. 

The Scholarship Finder is also the home of the Humboldt Area Foundation & Wild Rivers Community Foundation Scholarship Application, which is available in January each year. 

What types of scholarships are available on the Finder?

The Finder lists scholarship opportunities for all types of students seeking a post-secondary education. 

Different opportunities are available at different times of the year, so check back often! 

How many scholarships are available on the Finder?

The number of available opportunities vary throughout the year, though most opportunities are available in the spring. 

Know about a local scholarship but don't see it listed? Please email us about it at

When are scholarships listed on the Finder?

Different opportunities are available at different times of the year, so check back often! 

How do I apply for scholarships listed on the Finder?

Go to the Finder at and browse the available scholarships. To learn more about scholarships offered by our partners, click the 'Preview' button for information about the provider of each scholarship and how to apply.

Humboldt Area Foundation & Wild Rivers Community Foundation Scholarships FAQ

How many HAF/WRCF scholarship opportunities are available?

HAF/WRCF has over 160 scholarship funds that are accessible through the HAF/WRCF Scholarship Application. 

Who can apply for HAF/WRCF scholarships?

Each of our over 160 scholarship funds has its own unique eligibility requirements. Students of all levels who are seeking post-secondary education are encouraged to apply - from graduating high school seniors to graduate students! 

Our application begins with Eligibility Questions that match each student with the scholarships funds they are eligible for. 

When is the HAF/WRCF scholarship application available?

The application opens in mid-January each year and the deadline is in mid-March. Funds support students in the following academic year.

Where can I find the HAF/WRCF scholarship application?

The HAF/WRCF Scholarship Application can be found at

While you're there, be sure to check out the other scholarship opportunities offered by other organizations in our community. 


If I receive a HAF/WRCF scholarship, when and how am I notified?

All applicants will receive notification via email of the status of their application(s) in mid-June of each year. We also work with our local high schools so that graduating high school seniors can be notified during their school's senior awards night. 

If I receive a HAF/WRCF scholarship, how do I receive the funds?

If you have been selected for a HAF/WRCF scholarship, your notification email will contain instructions on how to claim the award. Once you have completed the Scholarship Acceptance process, we will send funds directly to your college, university, or technical school to be distributed through your student account. 

What do I do if I change schools?

If you switch schools in the middle of the academic year, please contact us at When possible, we will work to transfer the remainder of your scholarship to your new school. 

Can I defer my scholarship if my education plans change?

Under specific circumstances, we are able to give students a one-year deferment. To find out if you are eligible for a deferment, please contact us at


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