Native Cultures Fund Grants


The Native Cultures Fund has two grant rounds per year, in spring and fall, with current deadlines April 1 and October 15. NCF grant funding is between $1000 and $10,000, with most grants falling between $1000 — $5000.

Grants can be made to individuals, non-profits, Tribes, or community partnerships. They are made to projects that reflect California Indian culture, art, values, and traditional practices. We define culture in the broadest possible way: As the foodways, languages and cosmologies, ceremony, sacred sites, sports, architecture, arts, teachings and knowledge systems, stories, music, dance, land stewardship, hydrology, maritime traditions and much more that are indigenous to California.

The Native Cultures Fund serves the area from the Tolowa Dee-Ni' nation in the north, to the Paiute Nations to the east and down to Chumash territory in the south.

Grants are not made to support capacity of large organizations, for economic development, or for projects not rooted in California tribal cultures.

How to Apply

The Native Cultures Fund application can be downloaded here.

The application can be returned via email to 

or,  via mail to Native Cultures Fund, postmarked by due date to 

Native Cultures Fund

c/o Humboldt Area Foundation

363 Indianola Rd

Bayside, CA 95524

Inquiries about the grantmaking process should be directed to

Questions about projects and ideas are welcome at

The Decision Makers

NCF Grant and scholarship decisions are made by committees of California Indian culture bearers from across the 50-county region of California. Committees change each season so many of the cultures we serve can be represented. Committees are made up of three to five people with a balance of gender, age, geographic representation, and cultural expertise. Having grantmakers come from the traditions that we support is integral to the fabric of the Native Cultures Fund. If you would like to serve on a committee or would like to nominate someone who has deep knowledge of their own culture and interest in strengthening every California Native community, please email us at

Some of our recent grantees

"A K'amt'em Moment" capturing Indigenous knowledge through photography led by Dr. Kishan Lara-Cooper.

Construction of Blue Creek Yurok Ah Pah Village led by Willard Carlson

Research and creation of Chumash woven feather dance belts led by Leah Mata Fragua

Hide Tanning Educational Project led by Warner Mountain Indian Health, Fort Bidwell

Klamath Sentinels Sculpture Project led by Brian D. Tripp, Michael Stearns, Mid Klamath Watershed Council

Resighini Rancheria men's traditional sweathouse led by Resighini Rancheria

“Stories from Our Past” storytelling collection project in Hupa led by Judith Surber

Transmission of Native Arts, Culture, and Traditional Plants led by the Bishop Paiute Tribe

Travel to Tribal Canoe Journey 2018 for the Paxiiwovem Intertribal Canoe Family

Wiyot Dance Regalia creation led by Trish Carlson

Publication of A is for Acorn: A California Indian ABC and Coyote at the Big Time: A California Indian 123 books led by Lyn Risling, Analisa Tripp and Heyday

Many of our other grantees are doing work that is of a ceremonial, and therefore private nature. We respect their traditions and do not ask for photos or share information publicly about their important work.  


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