Contribute to the HAF+WRCF opportunity fund now to enable and empower this unique region to thrive as a just, healthy and equitable place for current and future generations.

Even the best plans can't anticipate everything, especially in growing, diverse communities like ours. When you make an investment in the Opportunity Fund, it gives the Foundation the flexibility to respond to local opportunities and changing needs from a pool of unrestricted funds. 

Funds have been used to improve our economy, develop leaders, and build our communities' capacity to address issues of equity and social justice.

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HAF+WRCF Values guide how we make investments in our communities and we use them daily to guide where our funds are invested.

Our Values

  1. We seek to reduce economic, social, health, and environmental vulnerabilities that disproportionately impact underserved communities;

  2. We are in active promotion of racial equity. We recognize that people of color possess unique knowledge, assets, and experiences that can elevate us all;

  3. We will be adaptable and responsive leaders, addressing both urgent and systematic issues that affect our region;

  4. We will partner and collaborate to increase impact, share resources and responsibility, build capacity, and diversify understanding; and

  5. We bring our region’s cultures and communities together in a spirit of learning, empathy, and connection. We empower local knowledge and invest in our community’s solutions.


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