Warrior Institute Helps Native Youth Get Fit

Established in 2011, the Warrior Institute works with youth in the Hoopa Valley and beyond to develop leadership and a culture of health for local Indigenous communities. The Institute’s fitness program offers a Crossfit-affiliated gym and education, an educational farm and promotion of traditional foods. The Warrior Institute also offers pathways to explore traditional skills, language and arts programs and outdoor adventures such as rafting and backpacking.

“The more fit you are, the more you can be of service, be helpful, be useful,” says the Warrior Institute’s founder and executive director Joseph Marshall. “We were surviving so long under oppression and colonization. This about getting our health and our warrior spirit back.”

In 2018 the Warrior Institute (which is affiliated with the Seventh Generation Fund) received a $7, 800 grant from Humboldt Health Foundation to purchase a cargo trailer that will serve as a mobile fitness center platform. The Warrior Institute can now bring exercise equipment to remote areas such as Morek Won, on the banks of the Klamath River, meeting Indigenous youth at locations closer to where they live.

Community Health Grants offered through Humboldt Health Foundation support programs and projects that enhance the physical and mental well-being of Humboldt County residents, improve the health of those who have experienced social or economic disadvantages, and create access and supports for underserved and marginalized populations. Organizations doing important health and wellness work in their Humboldt-based communities are encouraged to apply by August 1.

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