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A community is much more than houses and people that live in them.

In a community, people are connected to each other, they share common values and concerns, and they look after each other. There is an invisible bond that helps make sure that everyone is included.

Our role beyond making grants

In addition to making grants and working with donors, HAF also provides programming aimed at strengthening our civic culture. The Community Strategies Program provides strategic assistance to nonprofits, governments, grassroots and elected leaders. This has been the work of HAF's Community Strategies team since it evolved from the Institute of the North Coast's economic development focus in the 1990s.

Programatic work and the Foundation

We prioritize supporting networks of people stepping into grassroots or collaborative leadership roles to make tangible progress together, particularly when addressing the root cause of systemic challenges faces by this region. With the largest Tribes in the state in this region, we also prioritize efforts that heal historic traumas and improve the health and well-being of Native communities.


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