opportunity funds

Help us address changing and emerging local needs and opportunities by making your fund or gift part of the Humboldt Area Foundation Opportunity Fund.

In our personal or business lives, having money set aside for unexpected events or a unique opportunity can make all the difference in the world. It’s the same for us at the Foundation.

Timely responses to tackling complex community issues, joining forces to meet emerging needs, or investing in a unique growth opportunity all require the kind of support available through the Opportunity Fund.

The majority of our funds, around 90%, are earmarked by our donors for grants to long-term interests like scholarships, the arts, animal welfare, healthcare, or designated funds for individual organizations.

While we remain committed to continue building these kinds of funds that add to the quality of life in Humboldt, Trinity, Del Norte and Curry counties, not everything can be planned.

That’s why our Board of Directors, through engaged local leadership, is committed to growing the Opportunity Fund. Whether it’s a grant for an emerging economic development opportunity, or building our communities’ capacity to address equity issues, the Opportunity Fund is an innovative way to make it happen.

Join us by supporting a tested strategy built around nimble, flexible, and responsive local funding. Together, we are ready to meet the needs of tomorrow, today.

To find out how to make your gift part of the Opportunity Fund call 707-267-9905.

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