Nonprofit Resources

We Support a Regional Network of Over 100 Organizations Connected in their Dedication to Strengthen our Communities.

Through NorCAN, we offer a variety of services and support for our local nonprofits. If you're interested in booking a meeting room for your next meeting, learning how to start a nonprofit, working with consultants, attaining translation services or applying for a grant, we can help!

Read our 2020 Regional Nonprofit State of the Sector Report

 The purpose of the 2020 Regional Nonprofit State of the Sector Survey was to gain an understanding of the nonprofit operating environment in relation to funding, advocacy, collaboration, building capacity, operational adaptation and advancing racial equity within the four county region of Curry, Del Norte, Humboldt, and Trinity. This survey provides an opportunity to better understand the diversity of experiences community based organizations are having throughout the region during this difficult time.

Alternatives to Starting a Nonprofit


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