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Responding to the Coronavirus

We have been closely monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Based on recommendations from public health and government officials, most of our staff are working remotely. We can still be reached by phone and email. Angel Fund and Dental Angel Fund applications are still being accepted, though there may be some delay in processing at this time.

If you have questions, call (707) 267-9912 or send an email to


If you are a patient / client seeking support, please contact your medical provider, social worker, or local Family Resource Center to connect with a qualified sponsor. They will be able to submit an application on your behalf.

If you are the recipient of an Angel Fund grant and have questions, please contact your Sponsor first, as award notifications and communications are made directly to them. 

If you are a Sponsor with questions, you will receive the quickest response by emailing  You are welcome to call our office, but we cannot guarantee a quicker response via phone.



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Humboldt Health Foundation Angel Fund provides small grants to meet immediate medical or health related needs of individuals who are residents of Humboldt County.

The Angel Fund is designed to provide rapid help for defined medical and healthcare related needs for people residing within Humboldt County. Funds are generally granted on a one time basis per person per 365 day period. Items that are of a recurrent nature are generally not funded. Items that have other identifiable sources of funding, either from insurance, government organizations or other charitable organizations, will not be funded. The Fund serves the needs of both children and adults.

Angel Fund will only be accepting electronic applications submitted through our online system.

Application Guideline

Application - Apply Now!

The paper form is still available. Use this form only if you have been pre-approved to do so. Click here to download.

Application Information

Applications must be made through a qualified sponsor, such as a recognized social service agency, school counselor, or medical provider. The sponsor will help to administer the funds which are granted. Funds are not provided directly to the applicant, with the exception of medical travel grants. Checks cannot be made payable to the 'Angel' or his/her organization/business.

Grant Request Details

Decisions about grant requests are contingent upon funding criteria and the availability of funds at the time of review. Occasionally the committee will ask for additional information before making a decision. Please review the guidelines prior to submitting a request and make sure that all questions are answered fully.

Grants in excess of $500 are seldom approved and most grants fall within the range of $25-300. Depending on the type of request, it may be more appropriate to apply for a Community Health Grant or a grant through Humboldt Area Foundation.

Please indicate the medical diagnosis of the person in need and identify if they are able to pay a portion of the cost of the requested item(s) or service. Please include an itemized list/quote from the business, that includes costs, and identify if a price comparison has been done. 

Please identify whether or not additional sources have been sought. If the person in need is a cancer survivor, please indicate if they are in contact with the American Cancer Society and if ACS is providing financial assistance. For children with medical needs, please indicate if the California Children's Services is involved.

Application Review Information

Although this is a weekly grant process, there is generally a two week turn-around time on application review and check processing. We do ask for applications to be submitted two weeks prior to appointments for travel requests. Unfortunately, we are not able to consider reimbursement requests.

The Angel Fund Committee reviews applications each Tuesday, with the exception of holidays. All applications must be complete and submitted by 12:00 p.m. on Friday to be considered the following week.

Please try to avoid last minute requests when at all possible to provide time for the processing of the application. Please contact the Grants Assistant via email at with questions about the fund or application process.

Regularly Funded (fund budget and urgency of medical needs are considered first)

  • Medically related examinations, procedures and equipment
  • Eyeglasses ($130 maximum, requires a copy of the prescription if exam has been completed)
  • Medically related travel ($250 maximum) (non-emergency requires a form completed by a physician)
  • Prescriptions (emergency, short-term, non-recurring)
  • Items to improve accessibility/independence for disabled or elderly individuals
  • Orthopedic needs ($180 maximum)
  • Compression stockings ($160 maximum)

Dental procedures for youth through age 19 need to apply through the Children’s Dental Angel Fund(DAF).
DAF does not include orthodontia or cosmetic dental wor

Occasionally Funded Under Special Circumstances

  • Local Medical Travel, including bus/Dial-a-Ride tickets
    (for transportation to medical appointments)
  • Wheelchair accessibility items
  • Pool therapy
  • Therapy equipment
  • Minor home repairs
    (if related to a medical, safety, accessibility or independence need)
  • Camps for kids with special needs, when other sources of funding
    (i.e. scholarships) have been researched and are not available
  • Psychological counseling/evaluation, only on an emergency basis and with a long term management plan
  • Children's bike helmets
    (distributed through the Eureka Police Department)

Items Historically Not Funded

  • Adult dental care
  • Dentures
  • Hearing aids
  • Lift chair
  • Acupuncture/massage
  • Care providers
  • Weight loss programs
  • CPAP machines
  • Counseling (long term)
  • Aerochamber
  • Burial/cremation/funeral expenses
  • Tattoo removal
  • iPad/iPod
  • Cell phone
  • Vision therapy
  • Rent/deposits/utility bills
  • Car payments/vehicle maintenance
  • Birth certificates
  • Green cards
  • Driver's license
  • Driver's Ed courses
  • House cleaning
  • Waste removal
  • Smoke alarms
  • Wood for stove
  • Baby items
  • Child care
  • Parenting classes
  • Wood stove barriers/fireplace gates
  • Summer camp
  • Dog training


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