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January Racial Equity Roundtable "Imagining a World of Racial Inclusion"

January 3, 2019 (5:30-7:30 p.m.)

As we begin the New Year, please join us on a journey of historical exploration and re-imagining as together we feed our souls with new possibilities for the coming year. The Racial Inclusion Roundtable will focus on learning about and creating a world that values everyone's humanity and celebrates our differences. Racial inclusion actively works to disrupt dominant ways of thinking, which have historically deprived people of color of their distinctive cultures and world views. As such, we will incorporate racial identity affinity groups into part of our discussion. During our time together, we will learn about existing (and historical) intentionally racially mixed communities; discuss whiteness and its pervasive manifestations in our society and communities; examine modern visions of forward-thinking societies; and together imagine a future of new possibilities for equitable racially mixed communities. Facilitated by Melissa Meiris and Ron White.

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This racial equity work gives us a toolbox that helps us see things more clearly and then work in a logical and outcome-oriented way to address them.
-Kerry Venegas, Executive Director, Changing Tides Family Services


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