To create the world we all deserve, we are working to address all dimensions of racial inequity—inspiring people, organizations and institutions to make positive change from the inside out.

Participants at "Advancing Equity through a Racial Lens" Public Talks on September 19, 2016. Photo credit: Terrance McNally

The Equity Alliance is a multi-year initiative of HAF. We invite institutions, nonprofits, businesses and individuals to take on the largely unintended racialized inequities that cause harm to so many families and communities in our region, and that keep every member of our communities, no matter their racial identity, from achieving full potential. Since 2016, steadily increasing demand for this work means that more and more local talent is training and coaching organizations focused on reducing racialized inequities experienced by those they serve.

Humboldt Area Foundation (HAF) supports North Coast communities to address challenging problems across socioeconomic sectors and our rugged landscape. Equity Alliance efforts illustrate HAF’s mission: promoting generosity of spirit, leadership to take on challenges, and inclusion of people who have been systematically left out of many opportunities.

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Why Is A Rural Region Community Foundation Taking On Racism?

We love our communities and the families, people and organizations who make them special. HAF has consistently heard from communities of color for many years about patterns of discrimination they face across the region. These patterns are often not recognized as an important factor in community wellbeing and it is no organization's "job" to address it. READ MORE



The Equity Alliance offers public racial equity roundtables, trainings and workshops for general learning and for specific sectors. We are also working with partners to promote community events focused on understanding and improving racial and social equity.  LEARN MORE


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