Program Goals

Cascadia's Ten-Day Leadership Program Goals

As a result of participating in this program you will have… 


• A greater understanding of your leadership gifts and how you want to use them

• Greater awareness of the role of fear in leading and have strategies to turn it into creativity and enthusiasm

• Increased understanding of how the brain and mind work and how to develop and use them effectively


 • An understanding of what makes conversations and meetings difficult for you

• Skills to maximize your contributions to the groups, organizations and communities to which you belong

• Increased ability to interact with others effectively, including in the difficult situations


• Increased ability to lead and participate in high performance teams

• Expertise to design and lead meetings that build collaboration, commitment and generate positive action

Organizational and Community

• Increased ability to create organizational and community change

• A strong network of colleagues to support your continued growth and learning

"Cascadia gave me the tools to be a more effective leader and a better person in my community. I am eternally grateful."

— Cassandra Hesseltine, Humboldt-Del Norte Film Commissioner


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