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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the mission of the North Coast Grantmaking Partnership?

North Coast Grantmaking Partnership (NCGP) is a collaborative network of granting organizations that mobilizes resources to sustain healthy and vibrant communities on the North Coast. Our emphasis is on investing for greatest impact in the region. We do this by sharing resources, learning together and working collaboratively.

What it the vision of the North Coast Grantmaking Partnership?

The NCGP will foster giving on the North Coast through collaborative and innovative efforts to develop healthy, resilient and vibrant communities.

What are the values of the NCGP?

• Collaboration
• Effectiveness
• Inclusivity
• Transparency
• Trusting Relationships

Who are the organizations that participate currently?

• First Five Humboldt 
• Patricia D. and William B. Smullin Foundation 
• McLean Foundation
• Humboldt Area Foundation
• Footprint Foundation 
• Vesper Society 
• St. Joseph Health Humboldt
• Humboldt Health Foundation

Is the NCGP a grant making entity?

The NCGP is a collective of grant makers, but is not itself a grantmaking organization. There is no NCGP grant application or funding cycle. However, NCGP partners occasionally pool their funds in response to a specific need. In addition, Humboldt Area Foundation occasionally provides accounting and administrative support to collaboratively funded NCGP projects.

How are the focus areas of the NCGP set?

The agenda of the NCGP, and its areas of focus, are set by the partners themselves. Through discussion, NCGP partners work with the community to identify current issues facing the region. If an issue requires either research or sustained discussion, a work group is formed to meet outside of regularly scheduled meetings to continue the momentum on the topic.

Do the focus areas ever change?

The NCGP is consistent in its focus on strengthening the community through effective philanthropy. Focus can change over time depending on community needs and opportunities. NCGP is committed to learning together and its focus will evolve accordingly.

What is the average funding amount provided?

The average amount that the NCGP has provided annually in funding has been $320,000 over the last six years. The typical grant size ranges between $5,000 and $25,000. Partners have different priorities which may affect their ability to financially support a specific project.

How can an organization approach the NCGP for a grant?

The NCGP does not offer a mechanism for receiving unsolicited proposals or requests. 

Can an organization present to the funders at one of their meetings?

Monthly NCGP meetings are dedicated to information sharing, topical presentations, and work group updates. NCGP partners may request presentations on specific issues. The presentation agenda is driven by the focus of the partners.

I am a funder; how do I participate in the NCGP?

NCGP welcomes a wide variety of grantmakers in the region to participate, with criteria including the following:
• Grantmaking must be a part of the work of a prospective partner;
• Prospective partners must be willing to engage in and potentially fund collaborative projects in the community that lead to solutions.

Individual donors or groups with specific priorities may be invited to pertinent conversation.


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