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Important: We have allocated our available resources to best respond to the urgent needs of our communities through the COVID-19 Regional Response Fund and Community Response Team.

Send your grant inquires to to be routed to the appropriate grant round and/or staff contact.


COVID-19 Regional Response Fund

The COVID-19 Regional Response Fund will support urgent community needs identified by our regional partners. The fund will make grants on a rolling basis to nonprofits, charitable organizations and public agencies meeting the immediate needs of residents in Trinity, Humboldt, Del Norte and Curry counties. The Fund’s priority is vulnerable communities and the organizations that support them.

Please send grant inquiries to

Youth Leadership Fund

Grant Size: Grant amount will vary. Up to $1,500.00, average of $1,000.00.

Deadline: Available year-round.

Contact:    Craig Woods

Fund Description: Grants from the Youth Leadership Fund support K-12 youth leadership development. There should be an emphasis on community responsibility, enhancing the environment and sustainability.  Organizations must demonstrate how their program, project or efforts will contribute to the local environment and community.


Arcata Foundation Fund Grants

Deadline: May 15 and December 15

Contact: Craig Woods 

Fund Description: The Arcata Foundation Fund, established in 1987, is dedicated to the enhancement of community life in Arcata and facilitates charitable giving and raises funds to support work in the areas of human services, education of all ages, art, culture, local history, healthful recreation, peace and enhancement of local natural surroundings. Find more information on the Arcata Foundation website

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Humboldt County Human Rights Commission - Human Trafficking Fund Grants

Grant Size: No minimum grant size, total amount available is $20,000

Deadline: Grant applications are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Contact: Craig Woods

Fund Description: Grants are awarded to support new or current programs in Humboldt County that are focused on one or more of the following: awareness of human trafficking; education or outreach on the definition, identification, and reporting of human trafficking; facilitation for communication between all agencies, organizations, and advocates impacted by human trafficking; rehabilitation and the safety of victims and survivors. 


The Hansen Family Trust Christian Endowment Fund Grants

Grant Size: Up to $5,000

Deadline: January 15, April 15, July 15, October 15

Contact: Grants Team 

Fund Description: Chris S. Hansen created this fund as a testamentary gift to memorialize his family. This fund supports Christian ministries both local and abroad, with an emphasis on local Lutheran activities. 

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Humboldt Soccer Fund

Grant Size: Up to $10,000.00

Deadlines: Applications accepted year-round

Contact: Grants Team

Fund Description: Humboldt Soccer Fund Soccer Development Grants are designed to support Humboldt County soccer professionals (coaches, trainers, referees, and researchers) development, field development and soccer participation scholarships. 

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Native Cultures Fund

Grant Size: $1,000 - $10,000

Deadline: April 1 & October 15

Contact: Tayshu Bommelyn

Fund Description: The Native Cultures Fund (NCF) was created to support Native arts, cultural revitalization, and cultural transmission between generations. 

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The School Enrichment Grant Program

Grant Size: Up to $5,000

Deadline: Applications accepted year-round

Contact: Craig Woods

Fund Description: The School Enrichment Grant Program (funded through the Edward L. & Joan Nilsen Fund) accepts applications for programs supporting teachers, classrooms, and field trips, as well as nonprofits that provide direct services and programs for teachers and classrooms in Humboldt County.

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Currently Unavailable

Summer Youth Program Mini Grants

Grant Size: average of $500

Deadline: May 3

Contact: HAF Grants Team

Fund Description: Supports Humboldt, Del Norte and Curry county non-profits that serve youth through programs offered between June 1 and September 1.  See application for more information. If your program takes place in Trinity County, click here.



Holiday Funding Partnership Grants

Grant Size: Up to $2,000

Deadline: December 15, 2020

Contact:  Mitra Abidi

Fund Description: Supports schools, nonprofits, and faith-based organizations with holiday assistance programs offered between November 15 and January 1. 

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Senior Citizens Foundation Fund Grants

Deadline: November 2

Contact: Mitra Abidi

Fund Description: Applications accepted for projects that support Humboldt County seniors who live in their own homes.  Examples include: meal/food programs, health, transportation support, access, as well as programs that enhance quality of life or address one-time needs enable an agency to improve the quality of its services to seniors. 

Several awards available. Grant amount will vary. Average award size is $2,000.00.

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Peter E. Palmquist Memorial Fund Grants

Grant Size: $500 - $2,000

Deadline: November 23, 2020

Contact:   Craig Woods

Fund Description: This grant supports individuals or nonprofit institutions researching Western American photography before 1900 or women in photography.


Rotary Club of Eureka Glyndon "Sign" and Ruth Smith Endowment Fund

Deadline: October 31 (or first business day after)

Contact: HAF Grantmaking Team

Fund Description: Rotary Club of Eureka is looking to fund significant projects which benefit the greater Eureka community and provide opportunities to visually recognize and honor Sign and Ruth Smith and their generosity. In most years, $25-30 thousand dollars are available for grants.

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Victor Thomas Jacoby Award

Deadline: November 2

Contact:  Mitra Abidi or Craig Woods

Fund Description: The Victor Thomas Jacoby Award is available to all artists and craftspeople of Humboldt County. This fund is to support and encourage the exploration of new ideas, materials, techniques, mediums, images, etc., as well as excellence.  Artists may nominate themselves or be nominated by someone else. Artists must be residents of Humboldt County. This fund will support four awards of $10,000 each.

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Robert M. Lochtie Memorial Fund

Deadline: November 2

Contact:  Mitra Abidi

Fund Description: The Robert M. Lochtie Memorial Fund accepts applications for programs and community projects that benefit youth, education, the environment, and the arts in Humboldt, Del Norte, Trinity and Curry counties with a preference for Humboldt County.
Robert Lochtie practiced veterinary medicine in Eureka for over 30 years, building the Broadway Animal Hospital. He contributed to youth programs through 4-H, FFA, and the Boy and Girl Scouts. This fund was established in his memory in 1992 by his family.

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Redwood Empire Quilters Guild Fund Grants

Deadline: November 2

Contact: Mitra Abidi

Fund Description: The purpose of Redwood Empire Quilters Guild is to promote the appreciation and knowledge of quilts; sponsor and support quilting activities and educational meetings; and encourage making, collecting and conserving quilts.

This grant/fellowship is established to encourage interest and activities in the quilting arts field by supporting educational opportunities and the cost of supplies. The community outreach effort in the quilting arts is an important consideration for disbursement of these funds. Giving back to the community through charitable work and efforts to preserve the historical perspective are additional elements that may be included. This fund will support awards up to $2,000.00 each.

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Community Grants

Important:  Currently unavailable. We are making grants through our COVID-19 Regional Response Fund. If you have needs in response to COVID-19, please let us know.

Grant Size: average of $5,000 - $10,000, maximum of $15,000 - $20,000 

Contact: Craig Woods or Sara Dronkers

Fund Description: This program responds to pressing, community-identified needs and aims to strengthen communities' abilities to work together to improve the lives of people in Humboldt, Del Norte, Trinity, and Curry counties. 

Consulting Grants*

*formerly known as the Technical Assistance Program (TAP)

Important:  Currently unavailable. We are making grants through our COVID-19 Regional Response Fund. If you have needs in response to COVID-19, please let us know.

Grant Size: Up to $5,000.00 

Contact: Amy Jester

 Fund Description:  The Consulting Grant is a small grant program which provides organizations with one-on-one technical assistance with a consultant of their choice.  Consulting grants focus on organizational development and capacity building to strengthen organizational effectiveness in order to have greater impact in your community work. 

Grassroots Grants

Important:  Currently unavailable. We are making grants through our COVID-19 Regional Response Fund. If you have needs in response to COVID-19, please let us know.

Grant Size: $200 - $2,000 

Contact: Amy Jester 

Fund Description: This program exists to strengthen the social fabric of communities and improve the lives of people in Humboldt, Del Norte, Trinity, and Curry counties. 

Elsie Mae Gardner Ricklefs & Richard Ricklefs Memorial Fund Grants

Grant Size: Up to $6,000

Deadline: This grant is not currently available

Contact: Sara Dronkers

Fund Description: This grant supports community projects in the Klamath-Trinity area that focus on: peer counseling for youth, youth activities outside of school hours, healing grief and or/trauma, increasing emotional intelligence, and/or projects that support cultural goals of the community. The Klamath-Trinity area is generally defined to include the communities of Somes Bar, Orleans, Weitchpec, Hoopa, Willow Creek, Salyer, and Burnt Ranch. 

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Youth Engaged in Philanthropy (YEP) Grants

Grant Size: Up to $6,000 available

Deadline: This grant will become available in Fall 2020

Contact: Elena Keltz

Fund Description: In 2019, grants will be awarded to support programs or projects in the Eel River Valley which address mental health needs and substance abuse intervention for youth ages 25 and younger. 

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Peter E. Palmquist Memorial Fund for Historical Photographic Research

Grant Size: $500 to $1,500

Deadline: This grant is available annually in early September, with a deadline of November 1

Contact: Sara Dronkers

Fund Description: This grant supports individuals or nonprofit institutions researching Western American photography before 1900 or women in photography. 

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