Grassroots Grants

Important Notice Regarding Grassroots Grants

Humboldt Area Foundation is in the process of redesigning the criteria and application for the Community, Grassroots and Technical Assistance Grant programs.  The new grant criteria and applications will be available in early 2017.  Thank you for your patience with this process as we develop effective ways to serve our community.

Through the Humboldt Area Foundation Grassroots Grant Program, Grassroots Organizations can get help with project planning and possibly a small grassroots grant to get started.

Grassroots Grants can help support projects that...

  1. Community members work together on to address a community issue, need or common goal.
  2. Are designed by and for the community in which the project takes place, with community members taking part in the decision-making.
  3. Make use of existing community resources, skills and strengths.
  4. Value, encourage participation from, and include diverse community members (age, race, culture, economic status).
  5. Develop leadership skills within the group
  6. Partner with other non-resident-led programs, businesses, agencies and institutions.

We believe that you are experts in your community, and the most able to come up with solutions to neighborhood challenges. Let us partner with you!


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