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HAF+WRCF Grants Portal Information and Support

For technical support, please contact:

Elena Keltz, Grants & Scholarships Associate - (707) 267 9920 or

Sydney Morrone, Grants & Scholarships Manager - (707) 442 6775 or

For questions about specific grants, please email or call (707) 442 2993 to be connected to the appropriate team member. If you are seeking a specific member of our team, please check our Staff Directory

Frequently Asked Questions

What is HAF+WRCF's Grants Portal?

HAF+WRCF's Grants Portal allows grantseekers to learn about and apply for HAF+WRCF grants!

  • Grantseekers can submit applications, see the status of current applications, submit grant reports, and track historical grants through the portal.
  • Organizational profiles connect individual users, allowing multiple members of your organization to access applications, grant history, and reporting. 

Click here to go to HAF+WRCF's Grants Portal! 

Do I need an account?

Yes, you will need to register for an account to apply for most HAF+WRCF grants. 

Click here for a step-by-step guide to completing the registration forms. 

Registration: Organizations with an EIN/Tax ID

To register on behalf of an organization with an EIN/Tax ID, click Create New Account and follow the registration instructions. 

If you receive a Duplicate EIN/Tax ID notification, please cancel your account creation and contact us

Click here for a step-by-step guide to completing the registration forms and here for a video tutorial on account creation. 

Registration: Organizations without an EIN/Tax ID and Organizations Working with a Fiscal Sponsor

If you are registering as an organization that does not have an EIN/Tax ID and/or if your organization is working with a fiscal sponsor, please enter your organization's information in to the registration form and enter all 2s into the EIN/Tax ID field. 

If you are working with a fiscal sponsor, you will have the opportunity to enter your fiscal sponsor's information within your grant application(s). 

Click here for a step-by-step guide to completing the registration forms. 

Registration: Duplicate EIN/Tax ID Warning

The Duplicate EIN/Tax ID Warning appears when a user enters an EIN that is already linked to an organizational profile in the Grants Portal. To avoid a loss of your organization's grant history, please do not complete the registration process. Instead, please contact us and we will assist you in the registration process. 

(If you are registering as an individual or an organization without an EIN/Tax ID and followed the instructions to enter all 1s or 2s in the EIN/Tax ID field, you may ignore the Duplicate EIN/Tax ID Warning.)

Registration: Individuals

A limited number of our grants accept applications from individuals. 

When registering as an individual, please enter your name in the ‘Organization Name’ field and enter 11-1111111 in the EIN/Tax ID field. 

Click here for a step-by-step guide to completing the registration forms and here for a video tutorial on account creation. 

If you are seeking scholarships to support post-secondary education, please go to the Scholarship Finder

I'm based internationally - how do I register?

Please reach out to our staff for assistance in setting up your account. 

What is GrantHub and do I need it?

You do not need to have GrantHub to apply for Humboldt Area Foundation & Wild Rivers Community Foundation grants.

GrantHub is an online grant management software for nonprofits and grant consultants.

How do I reset my password?

The Logon Page includes a password reset feature. Click the 'Forgot Your Password?' link under the blue 'Log On' button and follow the instructions to receive a Reset Link in your email inbox. 

If you do not see the Reset Link email immediately, we recommend checking all your email inboxes, including spam, before requesting another Reset Link. If you encounter further issues, please contact our staff for assistance. 

Will my old username and password work?

The HAF+WRCF Grants Portal is a new platform as of 2022. You will need to create a new account. 


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