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Humboldt Wildlife and Habitat Conservation FundHumboldt County is biologically diverse and still supports healthy populations of a wide variety of plants and animals, including rare, threatened, and endangered species. Many of us who live here chose it for that very fact. Yet, a long history of uncontrolled resource consumption, combined with current pressures such as a growing human population, increasing cannabis cultivation, aquaculture, renewable energy projects, and climate change, have caused and will continue to cause damage that needs to be remedied, mitigated, and prevented in order to maintain that diversity. The Humboldt Wildlife and Habitat Conservation Fund was established by local author, biologist, and educator, Ken Burton, in 2022 to support environmental and conservation efforts in the county, with an emphasis on needs related to wildlife and wildlife habitat. Projects that will have direct, measurable effects, such as invasive species control, fish passage enhancement, habitat restoration, and reintroductions, are preferred. Please consider donating to this fund to help make Humboldt County an even better home for its wildlife - and by extension its human inhabitants!
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