Services for Fund Holders

The Foundation provides the following services for all fund holders:


Professional Advice

The Foundation will give you advice on the establishment and structure of your fund. 



The Foundation will provide statements for each fund including;  investment activity, itemized lists of donations to the fund,  itemized lists of disbursements/grants from the fund.

Gift Acknowledgements

The Foundation will provide gift acknowledgements to the donor of any gifts made in honor or in memory of individuals.

Donation Receipts

The Foundation will send receipts (meeting IRS standards) to anyone making contributions to the fund.

Donor Thank You Letters

The Foundation will forward thank you letters to donors from grant recipients.

Financial Transactions Audit

The Foundation will provide an independent audit of all financial transactions.

Tax Returns

The Foundation will manage required IRS annual tax returns filed on behalf of the fund's activity.

Fund Publicity

  • The Foundation will include the fund description in Humboldt Area Foundation's Annual Yearbook, which has a circulation of 13,000.
  • Upon request, the Foundation will assist with press conference, social media or a press release at the fund's inception.

Professional Planned Giving Assistance

The Foundation will provide professional charitable planned giving and estate planning assistance and referrals.

Investment Management

Humboldt Area Foundation currently manages more than $106 million in assets and pools investments for over 700 funds. Investing funds as a pool provides:

  • Greater diversification of assets
  • Access to money managers who are available only for larger accounts 
  • Reduced feed as a result of the size of the combined asset base

The Foundation's Investment Committee receives investment guidance from Angeles Investment Advisors, which provides independent investment advice.

The Foundation provides two different investment pool options to help donors meet their objectives. As an overall investment strategy, the Foundation does not speculate on short term market shifts, but rather we invest for the long term in highly diversified portfolios to balance risk and to maximize returns over the long term.

"I started a fund after my daughter to help inspire women in the field of technology here in Humboldt County."

— Jonathan Speaker


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