granting From Your Donor Advised Fund

How to suggest distributions from your fund

Recommending distributions from your Donor Advised Fund is simple. As a donor advisor, you may recommend that distributions be made from your Donor Advised Fund at any time.

Once you have decided how you want to distribute your funds, you are ready to make grant recommendations to the Foundation. You may submit grant recommendations to the Foundation at any time.

Donor Advised Form

Board Disbursement Form

When you have completed a Grant recommendation form, simply choose one of the following ways to provide it to us:


Mail to: 363 Indianola Rd. Bayside, CA 95524

Fax to: 707-442-3811

*A request may be submitted in writing in the form of an e-mail, so long as the e-mail matches that of the fund’s advisor who is authorized to request grants.


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