Your Charitable Conversations

Why should you talk to your clients about giving?

You can help clients realize their charitable goals by listening for charitable giving opportunities, explaining options and suggesting solutions. Significant giving opportunities often arise when clients are making major business, personal and financial decisions.

Year-end tax planning

Your client just earned a large bonus and wants to give a portion back to the community, but has no time to decide on the most deserving charities. Recommend establishing a donor advised fund through the Foundation for an immediate tax deduction and the ability to stay involved in recommending uses for the gift for years to come.

Preserving an estate

Estate planning identifies significant taxes going to the IRS, but your client wants to direct dollars for local benefit. We can work with you and your client to reduce their taxable estate through a charitable bequest or other planned gift. Your client's gift will create a legacy of caring in the community that stays true to their charitable intent forever.

Retiring in comfort

Your client is concerned about running our of money during their lifetime, but has always been charitable. Recommend establishing a life income gift (such as a charitable remainder trust) at the Foundation that pays income potentially for life. Upon your client's death, the gift can be distributed by the Foundation in accordance with their charitable interests.

Establishing a private foundation

Your client is thinking about establishing a private foundation, but is looking for a simpler, most cost efficient alternative. We can help you and your client analyze the pros and cons of creating a donor advised fund, a supporting organization or a private foundation.

Closely held stock

Your client's personal net work is primarily tied up in a closely help company, but it's important for them to give back to their community. Recommend establishing a donor advised fund or planned gift. Your client is eligible for a tax deduction measured by the fair market value of appreciated stock (less than any planned gift value).


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