People Making an Impact

Community members giving back to support the place they love, forever.

Betty & Gene Senestraro

Betty and Gene Senestraro donated land to the hospital. Regarding the donation, Gene and Betty said “it was a natural choice” for them. “We’re devoted to the hospital."




After her lifetime, Barbara will support operations at the Humboldt Botanical Gardens. "I support the Humboldt Botanical Gardens because it provides a beautiful and serene venue for education, recreation, reflection and community pride."


Ardene Janssen and Sally Christensen

For almost 30 years Ardene Janssen and Sally Christensen have donated their boundless energy and resources to supporting Hospice of Humboldt. Sally and Ardene have given to Hospice generously and with their hearts, their hands and their resources. 


Legacy...what is left behind through the actions of a lifetime


Part of the original Humboldt State University OLLI faculty, Jerry and Gisela love teaching every semester and have a special passion for Humboldt County's human and natural history. They believe that OLLI is one of the treasures of the North Coast. To support this belief, they recently increased their bequest to OLLI so now it amounts to 30% of their estate.


Orvamae Emmerson

Orvamae died in 2006. Today she will rebuild a firehouse. A few weeks after the Arcata Fire Department responded to her 911 call, she amended her estate plan to include support for local first responders through Humboldt Area Foundation.


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