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September Racial Equity Roundtable "Identifying and Transforming White Supremacy Culture"

September 5, 2019 (5:30-7:30 p.m.)

The Equity Alliance of the North Coast is excited to continue our public Racial Equity Roundtables with our September 5th offering: “Identifying and Transforming White Supremacy Culture.” In September, we will begin thinking about white supremacy culture, identifying its distinct but often unnoticed characteristics, and exploring the many ways it manifests in social, educational, and professional settings. In race-based affinity groups, we will examine the manifestations of white culture in cultural narratives, institutional norms, and assumptions, and begin to develop counternarratives. Case studies will help us deepen our capacity to identify the norms and practices reflecting white supremacy culture, and develop tools for naming and addressing it. 

Facilitated by Aristea Saulsbury and Melissa Meiris.  Attendance at previous Roundtables are not required.

**Registration has closed on the website for this event, but we may be able to accommodate additional attendees. Please call us at 707-442-2993 with questions.

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This racial equity work gives us a toolbox that helps us see things more clearly and then work in a logical and outcome-oriented way to address them.
-Kerry Venegas, Executive Director, Changing Tides Family Services

Native Land Acknowledgement Statement

We acknowledge that the land on which we are based is un-ceded territory and traditional ancestral homeland of indigenous nations: Hupa, Karuk, Mattole, Tolowa, Wailaki, Wiyot, Yurok, and other original inhabitants of Humboldt County. We respect and share our gratitude to Indigenous communities. We take this opportunity to thank and honor the original caretakers of land they continue to cherish and protect, as elders have instructed the young through generations. We encourage those in Wiyot territory to make a contribution to the Honor Tax, a system set up by local non-native people as one way to acknowledge the sacrifices and resiliency of the Wiyot people. Though there is no similar system for other Tribes in the region, we encourage direct giving to Tribes and Native-led efforts. 


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