Why Is A Rural Region Community Foundation Taking On Racism?

We love our communities and the families, people and organizations who make them special. And, we have heard countless stories for many years like the quotes you see highlighted below. We see a stream of local data proving race is a significant factor influencing everything from school disciplinary actions to mortality on the north coast. We recognize diversifying school district demographics show that the north coast is a more culturally rich place than many realize. And we understand from local institutions and organizations that they need help and company to do this work -- and that it is otherwise no one else’s “job” to tackle large-scale issues like racism that deeply affect so many lives.

We and our communities have a lot to learn. We believe we have a responsibility to use what tools we have to make necessary changes our neighbors of color can see and feel. We are dedicating a number of years to creating opportunities for ourselves and others to listen and learn more, change harmful policies and procedures, and act more effectively to close gaps none of us want between what brown and black people experience and what white people experience in our region. Join us.

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It's a hard thing to ask a person of color who is trying to be safe, part of the community, not make their children stand out, [to] find a common ground to talk safely about these issues. There are people like myself who are asking you to have this conversation. We do need allies to have a safe conversation, so we can all make improvement together. I have much more to say on the topic. It took a lot of support from other people to encourage those of us who are here to come out and say anything – [more than] to just get along [so] our kids’ schools and baseball teams don't think we are just troublemakers. You know that we don't rock the boat, but we do need to rock the boat a little bit because this community has a lot to offer. -          Participant at McKinleyville Community Advisory Committee meeting, July 2017



A good listener truly wants to know the speaker. -john a. powell


Native Land Acknowledgement Statement

We acknowledge that the land on which we are based is un-ceded territory and traditional ancestral homeland of indigenous nations: Hupa, Karuk, Mattole, Tolowa, Wailaki, Wiyot, Yurok, and other original inhabitants of Humboldt County. We respect and share our gratitude to Indigenous communities. We take this opportunity to thank and honor the original caretakers of land they continue to cherish and protect, as elders have instructed the young through generations. We encourage those in Wiyot territory to make a contribution to the Honor Tax, a system set up by local non-native people as one way to acknowledge the sacrifices and resiliency of the Wiyot people. Though there is no similar system for other Tribes in the region, we encourage direct giving to Tribes and Native-led efforts. 

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