examples of past initiatives

Some of our Past Work....

In 2013, we partnered with the California Center for Rural Policy to facilitate a year of meetings between land use policy adversaries. These representatives worked diligently to find agreement on consolidated recommendations to the County Board of Supervisors with the goal and result of expediting the fraught General Plan Update effort. The group provided coordinated input to the BOS on ten chapters of the draft General Plan. These adversaries now have working relationships and measures of trust to collaborate on future issues that did not previously exist. 

Requests from Southern Humboldt community members to help more people develop good meeting management skills, several workshops and coaching sessions in 2012-13 were conducted to assist in this goal. 

HAF is often asked as a trusted institution to convene groups or individuals who need someone “without a dog in the fight” to help them work together better or find agreement. Depending on staff capacity, we also often refer these requests to consulting facilitators. 

HAF supported a health sector collaborative in 2010-12 to design and create a Simulation Center for training of local nurses and health practitioners.
In 1999, HAF’s Institute of the North Coast took on the task of supporting local leaders to diversify Humboldt County’s economy and reduce the vulnerability of relying on one dominant industry that was in rapid flux. The Institute partnered with multiple agencies and organizations to launch the Prosperity Network, which consolidated local economic development goals and plans to develop regional strategies that better supported promising business sectors such as manufacturing, agriculture and the arts. The long-term result? Humboldt County’s economy, particularly in these focus sectors, weathered the recession better than all other counties in Northernwestern California. This work also included initiating Redwood Connect to focus on broadband expansion in rural Northwestern California, and deepened arts community vitalization to expand that niche economy in some of the recognized “Best Little Art Towns” in the state.


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