About Us

The Union Labor Health Foundation partners with Humboldt Area Foundation to improve the health and well-being of the residents and communities of Humboldt County.

Our History:

In Humboldt County in the 1900s, workers who were injured on the job found the costs of care at local private hospitals financially devastating. By 1906, the newly unionized timber and mill workers of Eureka decided to start a hospital of their own; The Union Labor Hospital, a nonprofit organizations which began in 1908 and later became General Hospital.

In 1997, the Union Labor Hospital Association sold the hospital and established the Union Labor Health Foundation, which has since awarded $3.7 million to support community health efforts through organizational grants, funding partnerships, nursing scholarships and assistance to individuals for health and dental care. 

The Board of Directors of the Union Labor Health Foundation is proud to carry on the tradition of helping people in our communities become healthier.

2017-2018 Union Labor Health Foundation Staff and Board of Directors include:

Board of Directors:
Pat Farmer - President 
Lou Moerner - Vice President
Mike Goldsby - Secretary
Suzanne Dockal - Treasuer
Robert Berg - Children's Dental Angel Fund Chair
Rosemary DenOuden - Angel Fund Chair
Marina Cortez Hash  - Program Chair
Christina Huff
Virgil Moorehead, Jr.
Elias Pence
Teodolinda Salas-Meza

Amy Jester - Program Manager
Lynn Langdon - Grants Coordinator
Sarah Milsap - Controller

2015 Union Labor Health Foundation Tax Return

2016 Union Labor Health Foundation Tax Return


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