Children's dental angel fund

Responding to the Coronavirus

We have been closely monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Based on recommendations from public health and government officials, we have decided to close our offices (including our affiliate Wild Rivers Community Foundation) and our public meeting spaces.

This is one of several measures we are taking to protect you and our staff and reduce the likelihood of introducing the coronavirus into our community.

Most of our staff will be working remotely or in the office to manage essential functions and activities. They can still be reached by phone and email. Angel Fund and Dental Angel Fund applications are still being accepted, though there may be some delay in processing at this time.

If you have questions, call (707) 267-9912 or send an email to

Humboldt Health Foundation Children's Dental Angel Fund provides small grants to meet the immediate dental-related needs of children in Humboldt County in situations where emergency funds are required.

The Humboldt Health Foundation (HHF), a supporting organization of the Humboldt Area Foundation, provides funds for the Children's Dental Angel Fund.

If you know of a child who needs assistance please use the Dental Angel Fund by contacting their dental home to have them complete and submit a request form.  

The Children's Dental Angel Fund was created in 2001 to meet dental-related needs of individual youth in Humboldt County in situations where emergency funds are required. Assistance will not be awarded for orthodontia or procedures deemed to be cosmetic in nature.

Application-Apply Now

You may submit a request by postal mail, fax, or e-mail. 

Grants Assistant
Humboldt Health Foundation
363 Indianola Road
Bayside, CA 95524
Phone: (707) 267-9912
Fax: (707) 442-2382

Submission Request Requirements

Requests must be submitted through the child's "dental home" (i.e. the primary dental provider, or regularly attended dental clinic such as United Indian Health Services, Kima:w Medical Center, Redwoods Rural Health Center, or Burre Dental Center). Service providers may not make requests for their own reimbursement and individuals may not apply on their own behalf.

An itemized pre-treatment plan and X-rays from the treating dentist must be submitted along with the application in order for a request to be considered. Only the last name of the individual will remain confidential. Please review the Dental Angel Fund Request Form for additional details 

Guidelines for Consideration

  • Recipient must be a child or youth 0-19 years of age
  • Recipient must be a current resident of Humboldt County, CA
  • Assistance will be awarded based on financial need
  • Assistance for treatment will only be awarded in circumstances in which emergency funds are needed, and in which there is no other identifiable source of funding available (i.e. insurance, government assistance, or other grant programs)
  • Both the Angel and the child's parent/guardian must sign the agreement form for the request to be eligible for grant consideration


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