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Humboldt Area Foundation (HAF) is a community foundation based in Bayside, CA. Its headquarters are the original estate of Vera Vietor, who founded HAF in 1972, leaving her property and a financial bequest to serve the community.  HAF partners with its affiliate Wild Rivers Community Foundation (WRCF) to serve more than 200,000 residents across Humboldt, Trinity, Del Norte, and Curry counties and Tribal lands.

Humboldt Area Foundation’s mission is to promote and encourage generosity, leadership and inclusion to strengthen our communities. To accomplish this mission Humboldt Area Foundation offers a broad spectrum of services to respond to the complexity of our communities’ needs. HAF listens to those we serve about where to dedicate staff time and resources to make our region stronger. Our services include:

·         Donor Engagement: HAF stewards the generous gifts of our donors through establishing and managing funds, and providing planned giving assistance.  HAF manages $126 million in assets and pools investments for over 800 funds. 

·         Grantmaking: HAF distributes over $4 million annually in grants and scholarships focused on community building, youth services, health and wellness, art and culture, and much more. HAF supports the Humboldt Health Foundation to provide additional resources for health and dental care, and partners with eight other local funders through the North Coast Grantmaking Partnership to collaboratively strengthen impact in the region. Since 1972, more than $80 million in grants and scholarships have been awarded to local communities.

·         Programs: For nearly 20 years, HAF has managed the following programs aligned with our mission:

o   Native Cultures Fund, initiated and led by Native peoples, which works to support the transmission of knowledge between generations through the renaissance of California Native art culture, sacred sites and language development.

o   Northern California Association of Nonprofits (NorCAN), which offers professional development opportunities, board support, and networking connections for local nonprofits.

o   Cascadia Center for Leadership, which works with current and emerging leaders to strengthen their abilities and commitment to build stronger organizations and communities.

·         Initiatives: HAF incubates initiatives that particularly support and cultivate leaders to improve the wellbeing of historically underrepresented communities in our region. HAF is currently leading the Equity Alliance of the North Coast, which works to reduce racialized inequity in Humboldt County through coaching, support and trainings for organizations and government entities. WRCF leads the 10-year Building Healthy Communities initiative dedicated to creating and supporting health equity, services and opportunities in neighborhoods and schools in Del Norte County and Tribal lands.

The people who inform HAF’s work are unique, diverse and resilient. They care deeply about their neighbors and the place they call home. To honor this passion and compassion, HAF provides a non-partisan and inclusive place for people to come together, define community issues and search for solutions. 

About community foundations 

Community foundations serve a vital and unique role in our communities. They encourage individuals, organizations and companies to fund important community activities where they live and work. They also support the community in working together to promote common goals. They issue grants to support activities which will have positive impacts on the lives of the residents while bringing community members and leaders together to address social and regional challenges. Click here for more information about community foundations.


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