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Grant and Scholarship Stories for May 2019

We are pleased to announce the following accomplishments HAF staff helped our community realize in May.

Here are some of the amazing things our community accomplished in May.

The Orleans Elementary School started a farm that will supply their school cafeteria with organic food grown onsite, thanks to a grant out from the Mary Davison Memorial Fund.

The Native Cultures Fund granted out $44,000 to projects across California that ensure the transmission of Indigenous California culture, art, values, and traditional practices. They included the construction of dance grounds for ceremony and traditional stick game fields, canoe making and flintknapping trainings, and language revitalization, among other projects.

Cody Hurst, 2013 winner of the Decade of Difference entrepreneurship prize, got a little closer to his bachelor’s degree in small business management thanks in part to a scholarship from the Bancroft Fund.

We are pleased to announce that the 2019 Summer Youth Mini-Grant Program will connect local kids from Petrolia to Blue Lake with opportunities to camp, dance, climb, read, swim, craft and ride horses this summer. The Summer Youth Mini-Grant Program is a partnership of the Humboldt Area Foundation, McLean Foundation, Patricia D. and William B. Smullin Foundation, and St. Joseph Health Humboldt County. This program has supported the efforts of organizations that provide safe and meaningful summer programs for the children and youth of our county for over 20 years.

Speaking of Summer Youth Grants, the Trinity Trust Committee voted to support a 5-day youth backpacking trip into the Trinity Alps Wilderness as well as the Lewiston Pickleball League. Other grants helped kids in Trinity County spend their summer swimming, running and playing basketball.

And in Del Norte and Crescent City, the Wild Rivers Community Foundation partnered with other donors to also award Summer Youth Grants totaling $18,000 to 23 different groups. A few grant recipients include the Del Norte Child Care Council, the Curry Public Library and the Oasis Shelter Home.

The Davey Somerville Revolving Medical Fund helped support a family traveling with their child for treatment at UCSF. Davey’s family established the fund after he passed away at age 10 from a rare form of adrenal cancer; the fund helps defray travel costs for families whose children have severe medical needs.

Our Women and Children’s Fund grants out small amounts of money requested through caseworkers to help families stay afloat. In May that included $49 for an air mattress, $100 for car door locks and $162 for a baby stroller.

The Angel Fund, administered through the Humboldt Health Foundation, connects community sponsors, called “Angels,” with patients in need who have been recommended for assistance through their medical provider, social worker, or local Family Resource Center. This month Angels helped community members get shoes, glasses and travel assistance.

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