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'Giving Tuesday' practiced on the North Coast

STORY BY: North Coast NEWS (Alex Hasenstab)

HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Calif. - Giving Tuesday is a global campaign started by the United Nations Foundation in 2012. The day is on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving and is meant to promote giving.

Amy Jester serves as program manager for the Northern California Association on Nonprofits and also works for the Humboldt Area Foundation. Both organizations promote other nonprofits. 

"Humboldt County does have several hundred nonprofits, but there's also a number of other programs," Jester said. "So in total, there's over a thousand charitable organizations."

With so many organizations to choose from, Jester said people often find it difficult to choose which one to donate to. 

Jester said if you missed Giving Tuesday, you can still donate. 

You can go to the Humboldt Area Foundation or the Association of Nonprofits websites for lists of nonprofits on the area. 

"There's giving Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday; it's really about creating this culture of giving."

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