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Grassroots Grants


Have you been trying to create positive changes in your community but have had a hard time? DONT GIVE UP!

Humboldt Area Foundation has launched a program designed to support neighbors working together to take on issues that are important to them.

Through the program residents can get help planning their projects and possibly a small grassroots grant to help them get started. Grassroots Grants can help support projects that...

1. Community members work together on to address a community issue, need or common goal.

2. Are designed by and for the community in which the project takes place, with community members taking part in the decision-making.

3. Make use of existing community resources, skills and strengths.

4. Value, encourage participation from, and include diverse community members (age, race, culture, economic status).

5. Develop leadership skills within the group.

6. Partner with other non-resident-led programs, businesses, agencies and institutions.

We believe that you are experts in your community, and the most able to come up with solutions to neighborhood challenges. Let us partner with you! You can also call one of our Program Managers at 442-2993.


Application (English): doc grassroots_grant_application_2014-15 l pdf grassroots_grant_application_2014-15

Grant Agreement:      doc In Word l pdf In PDF


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