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Services Provided
•    Statements for each fund, including investment activity and itemized lists of donations and disbursements
•    Acknowledgment of gifts made to the fund, receipts meeting current IRS regulations, and donor thank you letters
•    Independent audit of all financial transactions
•    Annual IRS tax form 1099 for reporting fund investment income activity for your 990 tax return preparation
•    Inclusion of fund description in HAF’s Yearbook with annual circulation of 9,000
•    Upon request, assistance with press conference at fund’s inception and/or press release at time of grant award
•    Professional charitable estate planning assistance for potential donors to the fund

Investment Management

The Humboldt Area Foundation (HAF) manages $55 million in assets and currently pools investments for over 600 funds.  Investing on a pooled basis produces significant economies of scale, including: (a) enhanced diversification of assets across investment styles and money managers; (b) enhanced access to money managers that might otherwise be unavailable due to account size minimums; and (c) reduced costs due to the application of size-sensitive fee schedules to an expanded asset base.  Fiscal oversight of investments is provided by the HAF Investment Committee and Board of Directors in alignment with California Prudent Investor Rules.

HAF participates in the American Funds Community Foundation Program.  Specific American Fund mutual funds are joined with selected funds from the mutual fund family of DFA (Dimensional Funds Advisors) to acquire optimum pool returns.  Angeles Investment Advisors, Inc. provides an in-depth third party review of HAF’s investment strategy each year with results available to the public on the HAF website at

The Humboldt Area Foundation also offers non-risk fixed income investments for short-term expendable funds.  These returns vary in alignment with prime rate fluctuations. 

Asset Allocation
The Humboldt Area Foundation's assets are allocated as follows:

International Equities    
25% Fixed Income Fund
U.S. Equities   5%
Real Estate Securities

Investment Returns
This asset allocation has produced the following total net returns. All returns are reported net of investment fees.
 2000  9.80%       
   2005  11.19%      
 2001  .94%    2006  12.45%
 2002  -4.93%    2007  17.85%
 2003  3.06%    2008  -8.44%
 2004  17.35%    2009  -22.19%

Administrative Fees
Annual fee schedule for agency endowments:

  • 1.5% of the principal balance for funds with a balance less than $100,000
  • 1.0% of the principal balance for funds with a balance of $100,000 - $500,000
  • .75% of the principal balance for funds with a balance over $500,000


Cascadia Leadership
Humboldt Native Cultures Fund
Northern California Non Profits
Humboldt Trinity Trust Foundation
Humboldt United Labor Health Fund
Humboldt Wild Rivers
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