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- Lynn & Vera P. Vietor, Founders

The History
Humboldt Area Foundation is the community foundation of and for the citizens of the North Coast.
Humboldt Area Foundation was founded on May 3, 1972 by Vera Perrott Vietor. Since 1972, Vera's dream has been joined by literally thousands of individuals committed to building a better community. Through the generosity of these individuals, Vera's original $2.4 million has grown to more than $78 million and has resulted in over $40 million in grants to local charitable organizations working to improve our community.
Vera Vietor opened up a future of possibilities by giving the gift of a community foundation for our region through her estate plan. Her generosity brought to life an organization that reflects the willingness of our community to pitch in and help where and when we can. The good work that has been accomplished over past four decades is immeasurable. It is reflected amid these pages where you will read about many generous people who followed Vera in supporting endeavors of all types and who provide inspiration for living with grace and gusto. 
HAF works to connect donors that invest in our community with projects in their area of interest to put local capital to work for local priorities and the public good.
HAF strives to be a good partner with other organizations serving the community and help community groups locate funding that will enable them to find solutions and seize opportunities to build on this region’s strengths and assets.
In 40 years, nearly $60 million dollars have been granted to support the community through the generosity of our donors. The diversity of our giving reflects the diversity of our donors and the creativity of our community.




Cascadia Leadership
Humboldt Native Cultures Fund
Northern California Non Profits
Humboldt Trinity Trust Foundation
Humboldt United Labor Health Fund
Humboldt Wild Rivers
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