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Humboldt Area Foundation's Board of Directors is a volunteer board of community leaders selected for their knowledge of philanthropy and the charitable, religious, public educational, scientific, cultural and other needs of the community and for their ability to contribute to the purpose of the foundation. Directors serve four-year terms and may serve for a maximum of three consecutive full terms of office, with a mandatory one-year hiatus following three consecutive terms of office. 

 2014-2015 Humboldt Area Foundation Board of Directors



STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT: Paula "Pimm" Allen, Kevin Caldwell, Zuretti Goosby, Jon Sapper (Chair), Gary Blatnick
SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT: Kathryn Lobato (Vice Chair), Steve O'Meara, Terry Supahan, Julie Fulkerson (Secretary), Greg Nesbitt  (NOT PICTURED: Neal Ewald)


 Former Board Members:

Don Albright Monica Hadley Helen L'Annunziata Jack H. Selvage Mid Westfall 
Jorge Babot Marilee Hadley Taylor Eve McClaran Mary Ann Spencer  William Z. Hegy
Mary Ann Bansen James A. Hamby Sam B. Merryman, Jr. M. Dale Stanhope  
Casey Crabill Kevin Hartwick Clifford B. Mitchell Lane Strope  
W. Dean Cunningham Nancy Hilfiker Ken Nakamura John W. Thompson  
Thanos (Art) Dalianes Esther Smith Holmes Jeanne J. Nash Amos Tripp  

Ellen Durfee 

Fred L. Johnson Edward L. Nilsen Willis J. Tyson  
Jack C. Feigal William J. Kay Eugenia Redmond Edythe (Edy) Vaissade  
Marjorie Fitzpatrick Simona Keat Marc Rowley Dolores Vellutini  

Humboldt Area Foundation 2014-2015 Staff works with the donors, nonprofit organizations, businesses, professional advisors, other foundations and the community at large.  

 Patrick Cleary (Executive Director)
Donor Services  
FROM THE LEFT: Kate Russell (Donor Services Coordinator), Chris Witt (Director of Donor Services and Planned Giving), Not Pictured: Emily Baldwin (Donor Services Assistant)
FROM THE LEFT: Cassandra Wagner (Scholarships and Grants Program Manager), Craig Waldvogel (Scholarships and Grants Program Assistant), Sara Dronkers (Director of Grantmaking), Lynn Langdon (Grants Coordinator)
Community Strategies
FROM THE LEFT: Amy Jester (ULHF & Program Manager for Health and Nonprofit Resources), Jen Rice (Director of Community Strategies), Chag Lowry (Native Cultures Fund Program Manager), Keytra Meyer (Strategy Manager), Elysia Frink (NorCAN Program Assistant) Not Pictured: Ron White  (Leadership Program Manager)
Administration Staff

TOP ROW, FROM THE LEFT: Heidi Terbrack (Reception, Purchasing & Administrative Assistant), Wendy Heard (Accountant, Grants Administrator), Susan Elliot (Finance Associate), Claire Reynolds (Communicators Coordinator). NOT PICTURED: Courtney Haraldson (Communications Manager)

FRONT ROW, FROM THE LEFT: Jill Moore (Office Manager), Deborah Downs (Director of Finance), Sarah Millsap (Controller), Kathy VanVleet (Reception & Administrative Assistant). NOT PICTURED: Brenda Urueta (Operations and Administrative Assistant)

We are always available for questions or comments. Please contact us for assistance.  We look forward to hearing from you. 




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