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Technical Assistance Program (TAP) Grants

The Technical Assistance Program (TAP) is a program of Humboldt Area Foundation's Rooney Resource Center. As with other Resource Center services, TAP is available to organizations and community groups serving Humboldt, Del Norte, Trinity and Curry Counties.  Applicants must be nonprofit charitable or public benefit (federal tax exempt) organizations, public schools, government agencies, Indian tribal governments or have a qualified fiscal sponsor.

TAP is a small grant program which provides organizations with one-on-one technical assistance with a consultant of their choice.  TAP grants focus on organizational development and capacity building to strengthen organizational effectiveness in order to have greater impact in your community work.  Generally organizations may only apply for a TAP grant up to once per year.



Native Cultures Fund

Extended Deadline Informaion

Grant size:            $1,000-$5,000

Deadlines:            November 1, 2016 and April 1, 2017 EXTENDED! May 15, 2017  (Notification of results within 10 weeks)

Eligible Areas:      Urban and rural communities of California from the Tolowa/Dee-ni’ Nation peoples near the Oregon border, inland to the western Nevada border, and south to the Chumash peoples of the Santa Barbara area

Email to:           

Mail to:                  Humboldt Area Foundation

                                          Native Cultures Fund

                                          363 Indianola Road

                                          Bayside, CA  95524

For questions or application assistance, please contact Sara Dronkers at Humboldt Area Foundation: or (707) 442-2993

Program Background

Initiated and led by Native Peoples, NCF supports Native arts, cultural revitalization and cultural transmission between generations. Grants and regional gatherings focus on methods of building greater cultural participation in communities and learning from elders who create the cultural context for our work.  Since 2000, the Native Cultures Fund has made over one million dollars in grants to over 280 community projects in rural Native communities of northern and central California. 

A Native California Steering Committee provides regional cultural leadership for the program. Building upon the vision of the community leaders who designed the pilot year program in 2000, committee members define regional values, long-term goals and review grant proposals. 

NCF is a program of Humboldt Area Foundation in partnership with the William & Flora Hewlett Foundation, the Jack Montoya Memorial Fund for the Preservation of Native American Culture, individual donors, and other funders.

Humboldt Area Foundation promotes and encourages generosity, leadership and inclusion to strengthen our communities.  Founded in 1972, HAF primarily serves residents of Humboldt, Trinity, Del Norte and Curry Counties, with a broader service area for certain programs such as Native Cultures Fund.

Grant Criteria:

This is a Fund dedicated to supporting California’s original peoples, their art and revitalization of culture.  Preference will be given for grants involving (1) new art created by Native artists, (2) cultural mentorship between generations, and/or (3) creation of a cultural model that can be shared. Everything from traditional art and culture to contemporary art projects or programs are eligible. Individuals or community partnerships may apply.

Examples of eligible art:

  • Contemporary visual arts  
  • Multi-media productions 
  • Storytelling workshops
  • Radio or video productions
  • Theater productions
  • Sacred sites rehabilitation or construction

A partnership may consist of members of one cultural group or it may involve an inter-tribal, inter-cultural or urban-rural collaboration. The project must occur within the service area. Partnerships should be based on reciprocal relationships, consensus building and cultural models of ownership. Oral histories and language materials cannot be owned by the professional artists in community partnerships.

The following are not considered for funding: overhead costs for Tribes or large organizations, scholarships, college tuition and artists working in degree programs, capacity building, and economic development.

Notifications of grant awards will be given no later than 60 days after the deadline date. Emailed or faxed applications are not accepted.  Incomplete applications will not be reviewed and there are no extensions of the proposal deadline.    

Contact Information:

Any project ideas or questions concerning Native Cultures Fund may be directed to Sara Dronkers at (707) 442-2993 or at



Summer Youth Grant Partnership 2017

Application: click here

Due date: April 21, 2017

We are pleased to announce the 2017 Summer Youth Grant Program funded in partnership by Humboldt Area Foundation, McLean Foundation, Patricia D. and William B. Smullin Foundation, and St. Joseph Health Humboldt County.  The Summer Youth Funding Partnership is proud to have supported the efforts of organizations that provide safe and meaningful summer programs for the children and youth of our county for over 20 years.

Grants will be awarded to non-profits serving Humboldt County youth for programs offered between June 1 and September 1. Travel outside of Humboldt County for summer activities and summer camps will not be funded.

  •  The average grant awarded will be $500.  However, we recognize that some summer programs have special needs, so will consider applications of over $500 in some circumstances.  Our committee of funding partners and community volunteers will consider each application and prioritize those receiving additional funding based on the following criteria:

    • Program serves a high number of low-income, disabled or otherwise disadvantaged youth,
    • Program serves youth in an outlying area with few summer alternatives for productive activities,
    •  Program operating hours are extensive throughout the summer (i.e. every week-day all summer),
    • Program serves extremely high numbers of youth,
    • Program serves an at risk youth population.
    •  Programs that provide camperships / scholarships
    •  Programs that have multiple funding sources

     The committee may also award additional funding to:

    • Organizations that provide a large number of scholarships to their Summer Program,
    • Organizations that have a Summer Program that requires no fee,
    • Organizations that make good use of available resources and/or collaboration,
    • Organizations with programs that provide developmental and not just recreational opportunities
    • Organizations that request items that help ensure the safety of their program's participants

    Grant resources are limited, so we ask that you apply for only what is sincerely needed.  This funding is stretched to meet the needs of as many valuable summer programs as possible.

     All applications must be hand delivered or postmarked by April 21, 2017.   Grants will be announced by May 23, 2017.

    If you have any questions regarding either of these programs or our application process, feel free to contact Grants Coordinator Lynn Langdon at (707) 267-9914. 

  • Youth Engaged in Philanthropy Grant


    Youth Engaged in Philanthropy, YEP, are a group of students from Fortuna Union High School and Academy of the Redwoods who are interested in bringing positive change to our community through the power of grantmaking. We completed a needs assessment of our peers and community members and we are seeking to fund projects which will address either of the following:

    ·         We need a place to feel safe. Projects that we are interested in funding include but are not limited to sports, or arts.

    ·         We need resources for homeless youth that are under 21 years of age. This includes personal needs such as clothing, food, or advocacy.

    Grants are awarded to support community projects in the Eel River Valley. Grant proposals should be submitted by:

    1.      A nonprofit organization with tax exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code,

    2.      A public benefit organizations (public schools, government agencies, Indian Tribal Governments, or

    3.      A community group with a qualified fiscal sponsor who meets 1 or 2 above.

    Award Amount

    $6,000 available, a maximum of $1,000 may be awarded to a school to support in-school programs and/or projects.


    All applications must be postmarked or delivered by 5pm on March 1, 2017. Grant award notification will occur approximately 6-8 weeks from the deadline. If you have any questions, please contact Cassandra Wagner at (707) 267-9912.


    Elsie Mae Gardner Ricklefs & Richard Ricklefs Memorial Fund

    Apply Now

    Eligibility Criteria

    Grants are awarded to support community projects in the Klamath-Trinity area and will support project or programs focused on one or more of the following:

    ·       Peer counseling for youth

    ·        Youth activities outside of school hours

    ·        Healing grief and/or trauma

    ·        Increased emotional intelligence

    ·        Projects that support cultural goals of the community

    General Information

    Grant proposals should be submitted by:

    1.      A nonprofit organization with tax exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code,

    2.      A public benefit organizations (public schools, government agencies, Indian Tribal Governments, or

    3.      A community group with a qualified fiscal sponsor who meets 1 or 2 above.

    Please note: For organizations applying as 501(c)(3) charitable organizations, the Foundation will verify 501(c)(3) status prior to making awards.

    ·        Organizations with grant reports past due to the Humboldt Area Foundation are not eligible to apply.

    ·        Grants will not be made for the deferred maintenance or annual operating costs of public institutions, churches, and services of special tax districts, government or cemeteries.

    ·        Grants will not pay for expenses that have already been incurred prior to grant award.

    Grant Deadline and Contact Information

    All applications must be postmarked or delivered by 5pm by November 30th and May 31st.

    Grant award notification will occur approximately 6-8 weeks from the deadline.

    If you have any questions, please contact the Humboldt Area Foundation at (707) 442-2993.

    Holiday Funding Partnership

    The Holiday Funding Partnership grant application deadline has passed for 2016.  Applications will become available in early September 2017. 

    About Holiday Funding

    The Holiday Funding Partnership offers small grants of up to $2,000 to assist schools, nonprofits, and faith based organizations with holiday assistance programs offered between November 1 and January 1.   The amount funded for your project will be determined by the nature of the project, number of people that will be served, and the amount you have requested.  The spirit of this grant is to inspire and support all of the activities you engage in for the purposes of making your holiday program a success.  We seek only to enhance what you have already accomplished prior to this award. 


    Our committee of funding partners and community volunteers will consider each application and prioritize funding based on the following criteria:

    • Serves youth, seniors, and low income families
    • Provides food boxes, food vouchers, grocery credit, or community meals
    • Provides clothing and/or other basic needs
    • Serves Humboldt County with an extra priority given to programs that reach under-served or outlying areas
    • Lesser priority will be given to programs requesting funding for family activities and small gift items

    Requests Not Funded

    • Government agencies, for-profit organizations, and community groups without a fiscal sponsor
    • Party decorations
    • Venue rental for events
    • Craft parties or crafting supplies
    • Photographs
    • Toys

    Application Information

    Applications must be postmarked or delivered no later than October 7, 2016 to be eligible for consideration.  Late applications will not be accepted.  Please forward your application to:  Holiday Funding Partnership, c/o Humboldt Area Foundation, 363 Indianola Rd., Bayside, CA  95524. 

    Humboldt Soccer Fund


    About Humboldt Soccer Fund

    Humboldt Soccer Fund Soccer Development Grants are designed to support Humboldt County soccer professionals (coaches, trainers, referees, and researchers) development, field development and soccer participation scholarships. 


    Click here to download application. 

    The Hansen Family Trust Christian Endowment Fund


    About the Hansen Family Trust

    Chris. S. Hansen created this fund as a testamentary gift to memorialize his family. Grants will be considered to support Christian ministries both local an abroad but  emphasis given to local Lutheran activities

    When are the deadlines?

    • January 15
    • April 15
    • July 15 
    • October 15


    Click here to download the application.

    Postmark or deliver applications to 

    Humboldt Area Foundation

    Attn: Craig Waldvogel

    363 Indianola Rd

    Bayside CA 95524 

    Arcata Foundation Grant

    About Arcata Foundation Fund

    The Arcata Foundation Fund, established in 1987, is dedicated to the enhancement of community life in Arcata and facilitates charitable giving and raises funds to support work in the areas of human services, education of all ages, art, culture, local history, healthful recreation, peace and enhancement of local natural surroundings.  


    Applications are due on May 15 and December 15.


    Click here to download application or visit the Arcata Foundation website

    Three Grant Rounds Currently Not Available


    Humboldt Area Foundation is in the process of redesigning the criteria and applications for the following grant rounds:

    • Community Grants
    • Grassroots Grants

     The new grant criteria and applications will be available in early 2017.  Thank you for your patience with this process as we develop effective ways to serve our community. 


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