Institutional Transformation Coaching Series

Equity Alliance of the North Coast has been working with self-selected organizations, institutions, and collaboratives of various sizes and sectors to participate in a 6-part coaching series led by the Government Alliance for Race & Equity (GARE).

This coaching series is focused on organizations, government and nonprofit agencies that want to learn about and evolve their practices and policies to become more inclusive. Each of the cohorts (peer learning groups) will spend time attending six sessions of training with Julie Nelson, Senior Vice-President at the Center for Social Inclusion and Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society at UC Berkeley over a 15-month period beginning in September, 2016. With such a large response from the community, this series has reached capacity for enrollment!

What is the commitment to be in the Institutional Transformation Coaching Series?

For a full day at each session, participants will explore best practices, tools and resources to create, test and implement equitable and inclusive practices and policies within and across institutions and sectors.

Cohorts will participate in a structured curriculum focused on strategies that normalize conversations about race and inclusion, operationalize new policies and cultures, and organize to achieve racial equity. Through this process, as organizations and individuals, cohort participants will help create more inclusive practices toward marginalized racial and religious groups, the economically marginalized such as the homeless and other low-income clients, and others such as non-English speaking residents.

The quarterly process will allow several months for implementation of action steps by cohort participants before a new topic is introduced and, over the whole period, time for adjustments and monitoring progress. Between each quarterly training, cohorts will be able to check in to support peer progress, with GARE participating via phone or videoconferencing. 

What will participants get out of this coaching series?

Each participant/organization will receive tools, resources, coaching and peer support to plan and implement objectives based on needs and context:

  • An equity training curriculum and cohort participants equipped to implement the training with other employees;
  • A plan for capacity-building and institutionalizing equity within each government, organization or company;
  • Inclusion tools to be used in policy, practice, program and budget decisions; and
  • Examples of policies and practices that help advance racial equity and inclusion.

Application of tools and resources will vary based on interests of a cohort, which could include staff/board recruitment and retention practices, robust engagement of non-English-speaking or homeless communities, effective partnership with Native communities, practices of particular departments or teams relating to diverse communities, and/or a myriad of other possibilities. There will be opportunities for skill building, strategy development and peer-to-peer networking and problem-solving.

What is the criteria for being part of a cohort in the coaching series?

  • Each participating organization or individual will join or establish a cohort, which can consist entirely of staff/board from one organization or a variety of organizations across a sector or collaborative (minimum two and maximum of 10 participants per cohort);
  • Identify a cohort lead of the two to ten participants. Cohorts are encouraged to include a diversity of leadership and staff committed to advancing equity and transforming the institution. Community members/clients/users of services are welcome to be cohort members; the focus of the cohort will be a strategy focused on shifting functions “inside” organization/s;
  • Complete an enrollment form designating team lead and members, with information on each organization’s specific opportunities and challenges. Commit to participate in the full series – in-person participation is preferable; video-conferencing may be available; and
  • Contribute toward training cost: $7500/cohort or $1500/individual. Payment plans are acceptable. If costs are a barrier, contact Humboldt Area Foundation about potential scholarships.

What is the schedule for the coaching series?

Cohorts participating in the Institutional Transformation Coaching Series led by GARE will meet quarterly beginning in September, 2016. In between each session, cohorts will check in to support peer progress, with GARE participating via phone or videoconferencing. The schedule is as follows:

Session 1: September, 2016
Session 2: December, 2016
Session 3: March, 2017
Session 4: June, 2017
Session 5: September, 2017
Session 6: December, 2017

Community Engagement Coaching Series

This project is still in the developing stages. If you or your organization is interested in learning more about the Community Engagement Coaching Series, sign up to receive our newsletter here or email us at


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